As a client of mine you can expect: an outstanding instrument with a beautiful sound played expertly; an easy process- it should be as easy and clear as possible; a bagpiper who is 100% reliable with a perfect on time record, a pro – pressed and looking smart, and lastly a piper who is approachable and friendly.

A wedding is all about pomp, circumstance and setting the right mood both with beautiful music and well attired people. That’s how I approach a wedding. I come fully attired in Highland gear – kilt, jacket, sporran, ghillie brogues- the works. Pressed and smart in appearance. Pipes polished and gleaming. My job is to sound great, look smart and above all add to the occasion.

I have played many different parts of a wedding; I’ve led the bride and her escort up the aisle, the bride and groom out of the church, into the wedding reception. I’ve also played to welcome guests, I even played as a surprise for the bride once- she was so excited she almost ruined her makeup.

The wedding day is all about the bride and her wishes. This is her big day and I am there to help make those dreams a reality. I am punctual, reliable, flexible and considerate. My end goal is to please her and make sure I do my part to make her wedding day unforgettable. To that end I sometimes audition tunes online for a bride and groom to be absolutely sure they have exactly the music they like.

Weddings are wonderful. It’s exciting for me to be part of this momentous occasion and when everyone is having such a great time- the mood is infectious.

I have played outside, inside, on escarpments, cliffs, on boats, on stages and just about everywhere in between; like I said I’m flexible 🙂 .

Please call me and together we can make this wedding a  day no one will soon forget. (714) 397-7823.

Here’s the review of my piping at a wedding I did by the groom Drew Lambert:

Perfect Surprise at Our Wedding

I hired Stephen as a surprise to my wife at our wedding. It was a secret to all but a couple of our vendors who had to coordinate. Stephen did a wonderful job at being flexible and professional, beginning with his excellent communication via email, phone, and Skype through interviewing him and leading up to the wedding once he was hired. I put a lot of effort into finding the right fit and I am very happy with the choice!

It was very important for Stephen to be flexible, which he did and then some. Coming in as a surprise at the end of the ceremony, I was not sure how many songs we would want him to play. Stephen improvised a little bit for us, changing the song selection up we had discussed beforehand to fit the mood perfectly, and then he played some more songs for us as the party moved over to the cocktail hour (all at the same venue).

Stephen even learned a song for us, my wife’s favorite hymn, and it sounded wonderful. He also wore his purple kilt that I requested to match our wedding colors.


I would recommend Stephen for any occasion warranting a bagpiper!!!

Another from Jamie Johnson:

Hire Stephen for your bagpipe needs…you won’t regret it!!!

Stephen was amazing and an absolute pleasure to work with. I hired him as a surprise for my husband at our wedding to lead the recessional after we were announced as husband and wife and he executed it perfectly! He made contact with my venue and arranged the details with my coordinator leaving me with nothing to worry about. He was on time and ready to go as requested and very willing to work with my unique request. I would highly recommend Stephen for any event, but especially for weddings as he really brings that extra special touch. I only wish that we could have had him play longer 🙂 Thanks again Stephen for your level of professionalism and for contributing to our wedding! Hopefully we will need your services again soon!

And my most recent review from Lori Wallace:

Fantastic Wedding Bagpiper

Stephen did an amazing job playing the bagpipes for the processional and recessional at our daughter’s wedding at Coyote Hills Golf Course. The music was both powerful and passionate. We received many compliments from the wedding guests! He was very available via email when we initially contacted him, as well as skyping with the couple to audition various songs for the wedding and throughout the entire planning process. He was punctual and delivered exactly what he promised. He was also available for pictures afterward the wedding- which many people enjoyed!


A bagpiper is a grand addition to a wedding and adds a very special element. Just a few pointers to consider:

1. Decide when you want the piper to play. For the processional many tunes work and “Here Comes the Bride” works well on the pipes. Another great tune is Highland Cathedral.  Maybe you just want the piper for the recessional or standing at the back of the church or even playing before the service. Many people also use a bagpiper to announce the bride and groom to the friends and family at the reception- a grand entrance indeed.

2. Sometimes a piper will have different color kilts available- consider this as you might be asking the piper to participate in pictures- it’s also a good idea to let the bagpiper know this in advance.

3. Pick out tunes- each piper should have a selection of representative tunes on their site (like I have on mine 🙂 ). Also many times I can help you select appropriate music because my repertoire is much larger- I usually do this with a quick Skype session. If you don’t know the tunes, tell me what mood you want to set- a competent piper should be able to choose appropriate tunes.

4. A bagpiper should also be flexible- stuff happens, even at weddings! Traffic jams, problems with caterers, photographers etc… your bagpiper should be reliable- no matter what. When the big moment comes you don’t want a bagpiper that will let you down.

5. If you have any further questions or need a bagpiper don’t hesitate to call me. (714) 397-7823

6. Also read my FAQ section for more tips and info.

Thanks again. If you need more info or would like to discuss your plans please call me at (714) 397-7823.