Nine Reasons People Hire Me

1. I play a wonderful sounding bagpipe expertly

I know how to tune a bagpipe- my pipe sounds great and I know how to tune it well so you get that rich sound with all the harmonics and tone the bagpipe is know for. I continually strive to make my bagpipe sound better and better. Here’s what a recent client Lisa S said:

I booked Stephen for my fathers memorial party. I had high hopes… but was not prepared to be as totally blown away as I was. Stephen was amazing.I highly recommend Stephen and his glorious bagpipes.

Take a listen for yourself here.

2. I am friendly and a great communicator

Over and over again my clients value the personal attention I give them to thoroughly understand their needs and deliver the performance they have been waiting for.

3. I am 100% reliable and on time.

In over 500 gigs I have not been late or missed a gig, and here in Los Angeles that’s saying something! If I make a commitment to do your event I will cover it.

4. I am a professional

I have a solid reputation for creating a great performance. I have many repeat clients. No disappointments. When it comes to the big moment you want a piper who can deliver; most time you don’t get a second chance.

5. Personality

I am so fortunate to play for my clients and I love the bagpipe, the culture, the uniform and everything about this great instrument and the music I make. I am always glad to take time and answer questions, pose for photos or take requests. I am an ambassador of sorts and I do my very best to make a positive lasting impression. 

6. I am well dressed- pressed and looking sharp.

A smart appearance is part of bagpiping–being well dressed and looking the part. I have multiple kilts, jackets and accessories, and I always outfit myself for the occasion. Clean and pressed I always take great pride in my appearance. Check out my photos and see for yourself here.

7. I know many, many tunes.

I have a wide repertoire–Scottish, Irish and Celtic favorites to more contemporary music I can probably cover it and If I can’t in some cases I’ve gone out and figured out how to make it happen for the client.

8. I am Flexible.

I can tailor something to your needs or play tunes that you request. I can also change my format easily and adapt to give you the best experience possible. Last minute changes are totally OK.

9. I am knowledgeable.

I know the background of most of the tunes I play. The history, the stories, the uniform, even the bagpipe itself. I am able to entertain and to inform my audience about this wonderful instrument and it’s rich history- many times it’s not just playing the instrument, I am an ambassador of this great music.

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